Does web hosting include email?

If you have a domain and want an email service for it, you'll need to find an email hosting provider. Most web hosting companies will provide you with an email address included in a web hosting plan. However, in these cases, you'll get the most basic solution that will be hosted alongside your website. Does web hosting include email? Yes, some web hosting companies include email, but others don't.

Low-end web hosting companies typically include email because they want to attract customers, while many high-end web hosting companies don't include email. This is because most people who opt for high-end web hosting generally prefer to host their emails separately from their web hosting. Of course, domain hosting is a service that has licensing costs or fees that are independent of any website or email service you use. You'll find that many companies offer a separate domain name registration, like what we do at Sites n Stores.

This allows you to protect a domain name without the need to purchase hosting services. Email hosting is a service that stores your email messages and files on a server. These servers manage the sending and receiving of emails. You can use free email hosting providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo, or you can set up a custom email address with your domain.

If you have your domain, web hosting and email through different companies, you'll also need to know which company to go to to solve problems or manage your services. The “domain host” is like the local government body that controls the license and ownership of your domain name and where to find the associated website. Along with key review factors, this compensation may affect the way and where products appear on the site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). I've listed only 2 because I've found that these web hosting companies are far superior compared to every other web hosting company out there.

His core experience in the field covers WordPress, UX design, agile project management and, of course, web hosting. In many cases, when you buy web hosting, your website's hosting provider may also offer you email mailboxes as part of their package. This will usually involve obtaining the MX record information (for example, here is the G Suite MX record) from the desired email server and pasting it to the appropriate location on your website's server. For example, if you need to change the contact information for your domain, you go to the domain name registrar, but if you have a problem with an image of your website, you go to your web host.

These web hosting companies will scale as your website grows, and you may never have to switch your web hosting and email hosting to other companies. Google Workspace and Microsoft Exchange are still the most popular professional email service options (assuming you don't need website hosting). This is why getting a good email hosting company from the start can save you a lot of headaches in the future. As your website grows, you'll feel the need to upgrade your web hosting, and therefore, you could end up changing your web hosting company.

If your website is for your business, then it makes more sense to hire a dedicated email hosting company. .

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