Is microsoft a web host?

Welcome to Microsoft cloud and hosting services. This requires a change in the DNS configuration. The website provider will tell you the settings you need to change, usually an IP address for the A record (we'll explain that in a moment). The changed or added DNS settings are A and CNAME.

If the domain configuration is hosted somewhere else (for example, the domain registrar), go to the DNS administration pages to edit or add the settings of the website. Check that there are no A and CNAME settings for which you need and, if there are, edit them. If not, check the DNS settings carefully and make sure that they exactly match the website's hosting recommendations. In my day, I've come across a lot of different web hosting services and they all have a lot to offer, sometimes so much that it's hard to know what you really need.

So I'm going to break down my five reasons why you should think about Azure hosting for your website.

Camden Boucher Jones
Camden Boucher Jones

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